Ganas community stands with Black Lives Matter

What does it mean to stand with Black Lives Matter as an intentional community composed mainly of white people, who are each at different places in our understanding and approach to solving the problem of racism?

While our community has been dedicated to finding what is valuable in each person, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc, it wasn’t until recently that we realized the need to relate to race as a separate issue. By not relating to race, we unconsciously reinforced systemic racism in our community structure. By not relating to our own racism, we have been ill-equipped to respond to racist incidents brought before the community by members who are people of color .

We believe that every person in this society has been conditioned with racist attitudes, which implies that it is not possible to completely prevent incidents of bias and disrespect, particularly unconscious or unintentional bias.
However, after several such incidents, we received direct and intense feedback during many difficult conversations. We’ve begun to open our eyes to the ways we have perpetuated racism within our culture.

So what does it mean for Ganas community to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement?

It means we recognize the long standing historic and systemic oppression of black people.

It means that we are willing to have the difficult discussions about racism in our community.

It means that we will listen up when someone brings injustice within our community to our attention..

It means that going forward the leadership of Ganas community makes the following commitments:

  • We are committed to educating ourselves about how racism manifests in our own community in all its forms – structural and personal.
  • We are committed to creating a community that treats everyone with dignity and respect. When anyone experiences or observes racism we will consider the matter to be of urgent importance, prioritize hearing and understanding that person’s experience of racism, suspending our own experience or perception of the incident(s).
  • We are committed to making Ganas a diverse and inclusive place where people of color can thrive. We will follow the lead of whoever speaks up on behalf of people of color as much as we can, knowing that much of what will be proposed will feel uncomfortable and we are sure to make messes along the way.

We recognize we have a long way to go, but now is not a moment to stay neutral – these injustices have gone on too long. Ganas community stands with Black Lives Matter..