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Ganas is a wonderful place to live and work if you are interested in working cooperatively and engaging in positive problem solving. Generally we're a group of people who like to work, we like being excited about what we do, and we like that our labor contributes directly to the well-being of us, our friends and our family without exploiting people and resources in the process.

Current Job Opening

Ganas Community is looking for someone to join our Furniture Store team, on about a half time basis as a furniture mover. The other half of this person's work week would be filling full or part time shifts in our other stores, and in our 8 shared houses.

It is important that this person be able to lift & move heavy furniture as needed throughout the day in our furniture store, and some days picking up furniture from private homes. Inventory processing, customer service, and cleaning are also part of that job. To round out your work week we would slot you into other work areas, as needed. That would probably include some work at our book cafe, house cleaning, pitching in with some food preparation for our community dinner, driving our van to shop for food for our 75 members. Driver’s license preferred.

If sounds like a good fit for you, please email us at with some information about your background, your skills, your current situation and why a live/work community interests you.