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Inclusion at Ganas

Since December 2018, Ganas has been looking at the ways that racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia manifest in our community. We are thinking about how we can work together to identify these issues when they occur, and do what we can to eliminate them, both between individuals and in our structures and practices.

To lead the way with this important work, some of our members have formed an inclusion group whose role is to develop structures and practices that challenge the hidden biases that exist because we all were raised in, and live in, a racist, patriarchal, heterocentric society.

As part of this exploration we have held two anti-racism workshops, one in June 2019 and another in October 2019. The October workshop was focused on "What can we do to build an anti-racist culture?" (photos are from this workshop).

Our anti-bias work is in its beginning phases, but ongoing. It has been invaluable in opening our eyes to ways that these biases pervade our current society, both within and without our community. As the work deepens and continues, we will periodically update our website.